Paul Pogba to Arsenal Not Exactly Realistic or Practical


You know that Arsenal transfer rumors are alive and well when we get linked to an “80 million pound table-turning transfer” (The Metro. Obviously). Especially when that 80 million pound price tag is 20 million pounds shy of what the player’s agent, Mino Raiola, indicates he’s worth.

Paul Pogba is an extraordinary talent. That much is certain. At 21 years old, he’s already one of the top footballers in the world. But there are so many top footballers in the world, particularly at midfield, that Arsenal really have no practical need to engage in a bidding war with Real Madrid.

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And besides, in what Twilight Zone would Arsene Wenger ever engage in a bidding war with Madrid? Or better yet, in what Twilight Zone would Wenger spend 80-100 million pounds? That’s not who Wenger is and that’s not what Arsenal does.

Wenger broke the bank spending 42.5 million pounds on Mesut Ozil. He then spend 30 million pounds on Alexis Sanchez the following summer. That’s 72.5 million pounds and a completely revitalized Arsenal attack. These two are now the focal points of a new Arsenal attack that is starting to come together magnificently.

But to spend all of that plus more on a single player just seems unrealistic.

There are plenty of other midfield stars we could lay our hands on for under 30 million pounds. Talents that may not have the same potential or dynamism, but talents that will do just fine in an Arsenal system that doesn’t rely too heavily on one person.

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And that brings me to my next point.

Arsenal is a team based on chemistry and having an entire squad flow together as one unit. They don’t rely on one person anymore. As such, there is no logical reason to dump triple digits on a player when he’s going to be just another cog in a bigger machine.

This transfer rumor situation reminds me of the situation with Edinson Cavani. 60+ million pounds for one guy? Just like Paul Pogba, obviously you’d love to have that player on your team, but when it comes down to it, wouldn’t you rather get three to four quality players and increase the depth of the squad than splurge it all on a single player?

Again, especially in Arsenal’s case, where they already have a good team dynamic that would be upset by adding a brand new anchor to their cohesive attack. And besides, Arsenal has a really good midfield. Maybe we could use an addition to bolster the depth, but starter-wise, we’re pretty well set.

Paul Pogba isn’t going to come to Arsenal. I don’t know if you needed me to tell you this. It’s not an Arsene Wenger transfer. After breaking the Arsenal transfer record with Ozil, the odds of him doubling that record a mere two years later is unrealistic.

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