Arsenal FC and the Blame Game

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Let’s have some. We’re very likely going to bow out of the Champion’s League. Maybe not, but it seems probable. Arsenal have blown an opportunity that’s been rare in recent years and it’s one the fans will remember for some time.

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What the world saw against Monaco was an embarrassment and that’s what hurts the most. We’ve failed to go deeper in the competition.

But recognize the issue. Our players didn’t turn up in a big game. This isn’t Chelsea or Liverpool, when Wenger’s tactics were inferior to his counterparts. This was the strongest possible lineup deployed against a good but beatable team.

Eleven men were ineffective at kicking a ball around for 90 minutes. Eleven men will likely be impressive and intelligent and hardworking against Everton.

This loss was different from the late capitulation at Tottenham and Liverpool, and from the streaky but wanting performance against Southampton. Let’s be careful not to confuse a flash in the pan with a nuclear winter.

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