How Will Arsenal’s Summer Transfer Budget be Spent?

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Alvaro Morata

Yes, we’ve been linked to him before when he was a Real Madrid youngster. Yes, that was only a year ago, and he’s just recently moved to Juventus. But that won’t stop the rumors.

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Morata was bought for a mere 14.5 million pounds by Juventus last summer, which made me slightly ill given how high I was on this young Spaniard and given how much Arsenal needed another striker. Being linked with him again is a pleasant thought, even if the primary report is from the Express, which makes this rumor mere ‘gossip.’

What’s keeping my hopes in check is the fact that, if Arsene Wenger wouldn’t pay the near 15 million for him last year, why would he pay near double that for him this year? It’s an unlikely scenario. Either way, here’s a look at what he can do:

He’s fiending for first team action, and unless Wenger plans on unseating Giroud, he won’t find it immediately at Arsenal, making this transfer even less likely. But again, Wenger has a lot of respect in world football and he can coax players to Arsenal.

My hope is that Morata is an admirer of Wenger. You never know, it could happen.

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