How Will Arsenal’s Summer Transfer Budget be Spent?

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Diego Rojas

This one isn’t a rumor, it’s a young star that I think should be on Arsene Wenger’s radar. Diego Rojas is 20-year old Chilean midfielder that reminds me of Santi Cazorla. Firstly, because he’s short at only 5’5″. Secondly, because he has deft footwork, excellent passing and promising agility.

Since he’s not a widely televised talent, here’s a little compilation video:

While he only plays in Chile’s Primera División, it’s hard to watch that video and not see the potential to make it to a bigger league. While no rumors have yet emerged, I’m always a fan of using current players influence to pull their countrymen to the club, and Alexis Sanchez could no doubt do that.

Arsenal aren’t necessarily in immediate need for a midfielder, but given the injury woes and the advancing age of Cazorla (and the possibility of losing him), it couldn’t hurt to grab a player like Rojas on the cheap in the hopes that he could eventually fill the Spaniards shoes.

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