Arsenal’s Predicted Starting Squad for the Match Against Queens Park Rangers

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Francis Coquelin

This is where predicting gets tricky. Coquelin broke his nose at least once against Everton and he’ll need to wear a protective mask should he suit up against QPR. But given the intensity with which the Coq plays, can Wenger really expect him to tame himself so as to avoid further injury?

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But what other option do we have? Aaron Ramsey is returning from another hamstring injury, and I think that Wenger is far more concerned with Ramsey staying healthy than he is about Coquelin’s broken nose. And I think Coquelin would agree with me.

There are no other options for this position. We could sit both Ramsey and Coquelin but then we’re running with an incredibly undersized midfield with the potential to be dominated by just about any opponent.

Start the Coq. If need be, he can be subbed out should the discomfort become a problem. However, I don’t think discomfort is in Coquelin’s dictionary.

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