Paul Pogba, Petr Cech and all the latest Arsenal Transfer Updates

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Aug 4, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech (1) directs traffic against AC Milan during the second half at Metlife Stadium. Chelsea won the game 2-0. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Arsenal transfer rumors are picking up in frequency, with some hanging around for the long haul and some emerging like the fresh flowers of spring that we so desperately crave (that was a really poor analogy).

One thing is for sure – that from now until the end of time, Arsenal transfer rumors will continue to be loud and proud. They seem to be the loudest when the transfer window is shut.

The Arsenal transfer budget for the summer is at a reported 50 million pounds, and Pain in the Arsenal took a look at how Arsene Wenger could/should spend that rumors 50 million when the times comes. Here’s a look at that speculation: Arsenal Transfer Budget Spending Speculation.

But even if we here don’t think a certain player needs to be signed or needs to be considered to be signed, it doesn’t keep him away from being a fresh Arsenal transfer rumor with all the media backing of a good signing.

So here’s a look at all the latest updates and all the players that Arsenal could take a gander at this summer:

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