Paul Pogba, Petr Cech and all the latest Arsenal Transfer Updates

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Paul Pogba

The big news from the Paul Pogba to Arsenal transfer rumor is that he’s only going to cost 70 million instead of 80. It’s like shopping for the on-sale items at Lacoste, you’re still paying way too much for a polo.

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No really though, Pogba is a squad-changer. He’s top of the world in class and he would completely change this Arsenal squad. Plus he’s French and Arsene Wenger hasn’t signed a Frenchman since Debuchy (that’s a long time).

But despite the Mirror conspicuously stating that Arsenal are the front runners to land the dynamic midfielder, other sources claim a much more believable outcome – that he’ll join Real Madrid.

AC Milan’s Jeremy Menez claims such (via Squawka): “If he does land at Real Madrid it would not surprise me.”

Makes sense to me.

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