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Morgan Schneiderlin

This on-again off-again Arsenal transfer link is on-again simply because of the slipping of Southampton. In January we were told that Schneiderlin was all set for a summer move to the Emirates. Since then, it’s been a steady dosage of rumors.

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But now that Southampton appear primed to drop to mid-table, I’m starting to believe it. And for just 20 million pounds, it’s like skipping Lacoste and moving on to the Gap to get a hip and happening t-shirt that looks better than that polo anyway.

Schneiderlin has more of what Arsenal needs and less of what Arsenal wants. After handing in his transfer request at the start of the year, the French midfielder has been so heavily linked to Arsenal that he was as close to being on the team as possible without actually being on the team.

Schneiderlin is a pretty solid, all-around defensive midfielder, averaging 3.2 tackles a game and 2.3 interceptions. He commandeers a 89.3% pass completion as well, so he wouldn’t quite hold up the attacking wave.

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