Seven Arsenal Players That May be Moving on this Summer

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Lukas Podolski

Podolski is quite the story. He demands (and rightfully so) more playing time at Arsenal because he pretty much scores every time he is given time. Yet Wenger continues to leave him on the bench, so instead he works out a loan deal to send him to Inter Milan – where the German has crashed and burned.

Podolski’s agent claims that Podolski could return to Arsenal for the final year of his contract (the Evening Standard) and based on club loyalty and player loyalty, this wouldn’t surprise me. But given that a spot on the Arsenal bench could be filled by a young, emerging talent like Chuba Akpom or Serge Gnabry, I don’t see the point in holding onto an aging, out of favor striker like Podolski when he could be sent somewhere closer to home to actually get playing time.

It makes sense for Podolski and for Arsenal to let him move on permanently, although I would not be shocked if he just serves out his contract at the Emirates.

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