Seven Arsenal Players That May be Moving on this Summer

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Santi Cazorla

If you enjoy transfer rumors as much as I do, you’re well aware of the ‘leaky’ logic behind a Santi Cazorla transfer. “He wants to go back to Spain” is the chief argument linking him to Atletico Madrid. The Express is one such source that is linking Cazorla to an Arsenal exit, but Arsene Wenger was quick to scoff at the rumors, saying (per ESPNFC):

"He extended his contract last year. I think he has still two years to go. He was just 30 years old. He has two years to go. You know our policy at the club, so I don’t think there’s anything special to worry about there. The suggestion is only a suggestion. We have never been approached by anybody about him."

While players like Roberto Firmino are rumored to be headed to town to “replace” Cazorla, such rumors are rather silly when you consider that he doesn’t need to be replaced. Cazorla has been one of our best players this year and Arsene Wenger will be happy to keep him around.

The only feasible situation where he may move on is if the rumors of him wanting to play in Spain again are true. Given that he’s 30, he’d need to capitalize on those dreams soon. But again, none of those rumors have been solidified as truth.

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