Kevin Prince-Boateng, Pedro and the Arsenal Transfer Rumors We Don’t Want to See Happen

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With the swirl of transfer rumors, it’s inevitable that some of those rumors are going to be a tad bit unappealing. Arsenal transfer rumors are no exception, as we are linked to plenty of players that I have no desire to see suit up in Gunner red.

While Arsene Wenger is the ultimate judge and he obviously knows what’s best for the team, it’s still our duty as supporters to criticize him and make it known that we know better.

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One of the most notable “unappealing” rumors that emerged at Arsenal was the summer link to Mario Balotelli. Balotelli is literally everything that Arsenal isn’t. He’s a one man show, a show-boater, he’s in it for himself and his play will suffer if he doesn’t get his way.

That would qualify as an ‘unappealing’ rumor.

But now that Balotelli is done and gone and safely not within the confines of the Emirates, there are still plenty of players out there that as an Arsenal supporter, you shouldn’t want to see coming to our club.

But it’s not always necessarily that we don’t want a player. If Arsenal is tied to a player, chances are he has some talents and some value. Sometimes we don’t want to see a player come to the Emirates because he’s unneeded and will take playing time away from some of our favorites. Or because it’ll mean someone is making way. Or maybe he has personality flaws like Balotelli.

Whatever the case, here are five Arsenal links that I’d rather not see come to fruition.

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