Kevin Prince-Boateng, Pedro and the Arsenal Transfer Rumors We Don’t Want to See Happen

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Kevin Prince-Boateng

Why this rumor popped up is beyond me, but then again, it’s only being reported by the Metro and the Express. Boateng is currently suiting up with FC Schalke and he’s been decent there. Prior to that he made expeditions to Tottenham and AC Milan, among others

Tottenham, you say, so he has Premier League experience?

Yes, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Boateng made 24 appearances for the Spurs and was rarely ever noticed, and as such, he moved on.

It was at AC Milan that he found decent success, but the ever-moving Boateng later moved to Schalke where, as stated, he’s been alright.

Valued at under 10 million pounds, this rumor makes zero sense for Arsenal, given that he plays where Santi Cazorla, Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez play, all of whom are more qualified to play Boateng’s No.10 role than he is.

What if Santi Cazorla moves on?

Then we should pursue other options. Some people just aren’t made for the Premier League and the Ghanaian international is one of them.

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