Arsenal Predicted Starting Squad Against West Ham United

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DSanchez17 – Flickr Creative Commons

Fresh off perhaps our biggest victory of the year and just before what will hopefully become our biggest victory of the year, this match at home against West Ham is incredibly huge.

As mentioned, it’s the match directly after our thrilling win at Old Trafford and we really need to keep this momentum going into our midweek clash against Monaco where we need a three goal victory in order to stay alive in the Champions League. The problem with that is that we haven’t scored three goals since February 1st, so this would be a great game to figure out a way to net thrice.

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But it’s not a game we can just go in experimenting, we still have to win the game. Well, technically we pretty much need to win every game from here on out, but that’s not the point. If we can score three goals (or more!) against West Ham, then I will have renewed confidence that we can go into Monaco and put up three.

But our recent tactics aren’t very three-goal friendly, so it may need some tinkering. We may just have to employ more aggressive tactics and like I said, this could be an excellent opportunity to try it out.