Five Things Arsenal must do to Down Monaco, Including Sitting Francis Coquelin

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Sit Francis Coquelin for Aaron Ramsey

This is a tough suggestion to propose, but I really believe in it. With the front four all set, that leaves two midfield spots to be occupied by Santi Cazorla, Aaron Ramsey and Francis Coquelin. We need offense desperately mlre than we need defense and this is one area that we could stand to make the sacrifice.

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While Coquelin has been undoubtedly phenomenal, he is a strictly defensive-minded player. He admitted it himself (the Mirror). We can’t have any one-dimensional players against Monaco, particularly not defensively inclined and the fact is, Coquelin doesn’t contribute to the attack.

While Ramsey isn’t as good defensively, he isn’t as big of a drop off as we may expect. Against West Ham, Ramsey had the better defensive numbers (via And Ramsey’s offensive prowess cannot be excluded.