Arsenal Predicted Starting Squad Against Monaco in the Champions League

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Aaron Ramsey

Given the heavy does of attacking Arsenal have to do, I feel like the situation prevents Francis Coquelin from being a useful tool. But it’s by no means easy to suggest that he should be sat, given that he is statistically the best defensive midfielder in the league.

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The problem with that is that he’s strictly a defensive player, and we have to have enough faith in our back four to allow the front six to be predominantly attacking. I mentioned this as one of the five keys to downing Monaco.

Even beyond that though, Aaron Ramsey proved defensively capable against West Ham. We know his stamina is through the roof so he won’t be getting tired and he’s already asserted his confidence going into the game so we can’t sit him, especially after his dazzling display against West Ham.

Obviously, the prospect of sitting Francis Coquelin makes me a tad nervous, but we really need to have faith in Ramsey to essentially do two jobs.

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