What Did We learn From Arsenal’s Ousting from the Champions League?

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Ronnie Macdonald – Flickr Creative Commons

If moral victories counted for anything, Arsenal would have approximately five UEFA Champions League titles by now. But moral victories count for absolutely zilch, and now Gooner’s nation is feeling salty, dejected and gloomy. But there has to be the smallest tinge of pride.

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Of course, it is the same old story. Arsenal are undefeated in their last four round of 16 second legs (3W and 1D) yet they’ve been eliminated each time. That hurts.

Monaco is a really solid defensive team at home. They shut out PSG, meaning they shut out Edinson Cavani, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the host of world class stallions that suit up for the Paris outfit.

But Arsenal looked gritty. Again, what does that count for? Absolutely nothing. But seeing Arsenal step up and put up two goals against such a tightly knit defense was something special. I think I lost at least five years of my life from stress, but if we’re going to be optimistic and focus on the positives at such a negative time, then the game wasn’t all that awful.

Now, let’s get into specifics. Where can we pull the most optimism from in the game? Let’s begin…

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