Mesut Ozil Hitting Top Form Physically and Mentally at a Crucial Time for Arsenal


Usually, I don’t question a player’s passion or love for Arsenal. Whether it’s Aaron Ramsey, Olivier Giroud or Jack Wilshere, they make it very apparent that they love the club. They give their all day in and day out and when it comes to on-field scraps, they’re in the middle of it all.

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Nothing against Mesut Ozil, but he just doesn’t show emotion. It’s a good and a bad thing. His facial expression now is the same as it was when he was struggling to find his bearings in the Premier League. As such, it never hurts to have his dedication to the club reaffirmed, just because it reminds me that he does care about the club and he’s not just going through the motions.

However, Mesut Ozil often does take time to tell the world that he loves his club, and it’s a welcome reminder.

The German prodigy’s newest reveal had to do with the rumors that had linked him to a move back to his home country’s Bundesliga, to the evil empire known as Bayern Munich.

“A return to Germany is not an option for me right now. I am really happy at Arsenal and I want this to continue,” he told the Standard.

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Not only that, but Ozil believes that the Premier League is bringing out the best in him, and it will continue to do so. “The English Premier League is the strongest league in the world. Opponents never give up… It is correct that I have to work harder to reach my goals,” he said. “That’s why I’m working as hard as I never worked before in my life. My body is more stable and I feel fresher. You need that in England.”

Again, words are only words, and actions speak much louder, but nowadays Mesut Ozil is speaking promisingly with his actions and his words.

Not only that, but he’s showed a bit of grit too, lashing out at those who criticized him for his shirt exchange at half with Geoffrey Kondogbia (via the Daily Mail). “Geoffrey Kondogbia asked me for my shirt and I wanted to do him a favour,” Ozil said. “Seriously guys, is there nothing more important to discuss for a knockout game than a shirt swap?”

Again, color me impressed with Mesut Ozil for coming out and defending himself, even for something as small and not-worthy of comment as this.

All of those associated with Arsenal attested to the new form Mesut Ozil was in after returning from his knee injury, and it was apparent just in his body size that he had bulked up to accommodate with the toils of the Premier League.

So he’s hitting the best form he’s ever been in, he’s the creative center of a new brand of Arsenal football that’s emerging as a dominant force, and he’s reaffirming his love for the club and how dedicated he is to establish himself in the best league in the world. Turning down Bayern Munich, in his home country, is no easy feat.

Despite the lack of outward emotion displayed, it’s quite clear that Mesut Ozil is in it for the long haul at Arsenal. May the assists continue to flow freely and without hindrance.

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