Should Arsenal be Worried about losing Theo Walcott to Liverpool?


The thought sickens me. Theo Walcott has been with Arsenal longer than any other player, yet he’s stalling over contract negotiations to try to secure a pay raise and more playing time.

As such, the vultures are swarming to try to secure the future services of the speedy winger and one such vulture is Theo Walcott’s childhood club, Liverpool.

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Liverpool are struggling to re-sign 20 year old Raheem Sterling, whose blazing pace mimics that of Walcott and if they lose out on Sterling, no doubt they’ll look for a direct replacement. Who better than Theo Walcott, who supported Liverpool as a child and who would stick it to Arsenal.

Liverpool were prodding into the Walcott business in 2013 when the Englishman was stalling on a deal, so it only makes sense that they’re back in the market for him now. But it’s not just dependent on Raheem Sterling. As the Telegraph points out, Sterling is locked down until 2017 regardless, but Mario Balotelli will, in all likelihood, be on his way out, and Walcott has always craved the striker role, which Arsene Wenger has never given him.

If Balotelli pulls off a well-deserved exit than Walcott could very sensibly step into the striker role and play in an attack alongside Sterling and Daniel Sturridge. That attack is even more speedy than the Arsenal attack I had been salivating over to start the year.

It would also leave Arsenal short-handed, in my opinion. And on the wings no less, which is the one position I thought Arsenal were very well stocked. The problem is, with Alexis Sanchez struggling, Theo Walcott not impressing and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain injured, Arsenal essentially have no in-form wingers at the present juncture, and it really is affecting the team.

Danny Welbeck can play out wide, but who knows if he’ll ever be able to consistently find the back of the net.

So suddenly, my plea to Arsene Wenger is to go after another winger. Even if we retain Theo Walcott, we have been exposed. Tomas Rosicky and Santi Cazorla can play out wide, but they lack the speed that a true winger possesses. Jack Wilshere could find redemption out wide too, but that’s further from his defensive-lying midfield position than we could have ever imagined him playing.

The solution may be to buy, but who? Arsenal aren’t really linked with too many wingers. Pierre Emerick-Aubamayeng has been linked to Arsenal as recently as March 5th by Fox Sports, and he could be a pretty solution to the current predicament, but his price doesn’t seem realistic, mainly because I don’t think Arsene Wenger identifies the wings as an area of concern, nor do many.

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But they should! Our defensive predicament became grossly apparent when injuries struck and it took until this past January for Gabriel Paulista to become the solution. The wings are just now looking like a problem area so it’s the premium time to step up and solve the problem before it happens.

Losing Theo Walcott wouldn’t be the end of Arsenal. It’s not ideal by any means, but we have to be honest about his lackluster form lately. He really hasn’t been making an impact and Arsenal have been coping. Obviously I’d love to keep him, and he’d love to stay and Arsenal would love to have him, but in the end, if he does move on, the world isn’t over. It’ll sting like hell if it’s to Liverpool, but such is life, particularly at Arsenal. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has essentially unseated his elder counterpart already anyway, so he could help us forget.

While I’d hate to see Arsenal lose another key player to a direct rival, I don’t think it would be along the same lines as Samir Nasri or Robin van Persie. But that’s just a hunch.

That being said, I want to see this guy re-signed!

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