Jack Wilshere’s Tweet Homage to Cesc Fabregas Shows Immense Maturity


Jack Wilshere always manages to find himself at the receiving end of some of the nastiest Arsenal fans. First it was smoking the dreaded shisha, now it’s reminiscing about the past with Cesc Fabregas. Before I launch into my disgust, have a look at the tweet yourself:

Why exactly this is so outraging is beyond me, but I have a theory. Arsenal fans are a fickle people. They are incredibly fickle. Not more than three weeks ago, I made the claim that Olivier Giroud was an elite striker and I was nearly tarred and feathered and ran out of town. “He’s second rate,” “he’s a blundering wardrobe,” you’ve heard the lot of them.

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Now that Giroud is continuing that streak that no one said he could continue, he’s a saint and no one ever doubted him.

It’s a common theme with Arsenal fans. Hate a player when he’s bad, claim you never doubted him when he’s good. Jack Wilshere, unfortunately, has been so hampered by injuries that he’s had no time to be consistently good, and therefore he must be bad because apparently their is no middle ground.

Poor Wilshere. The kid is born and raised Arsenal, picks up a few injuries and becomes the scourge of London.

Now, onto his latest outrage: hearkening back to a time when he was learning from one of the best midfielders in the world. Jack Wilshere joined Arsenal’s first team almost simultaneously with Cesc Fabregas being appointed captain. Being a good captain, Fabregas took young Jack under his wing. At this point, Wilshere was a 16-year old prodigy looking for a guiding hand to teach him the ropes at Arsenal and help turn his raw talent into stardom. Wilshere even admitted that he was very upset when Fabregas left (via the Telegraph).

For three years Wilshere suited up next to Fabregas and went about every day training learning from him. Now, fours years after his departure, Wilshere has seen his potential and all that Fabregas taught him put on hold as he has had to recover from injury after injury.

Wilshere’s post to Fabregas shows an immense measure of maturity that is going to be lost on the masses because Fabregas plays for Chelsea now. All he’s doing is giving credit where credit’s due. Wilshere feels he learned a lot from Fabregas, as anyone would. As such, he’s essentially thanking the Spaniard for all he did. Why that deserves hate and death threats is beyond me. For as much maturity as this post by Wilshere shows, the response by Arsenal ‘fans’ shows an equal amount of immaturity, naivete and pure ignorance. It’s disgusting that a young player can’t thank his old mentor just because that mentor wears a different jersey now.

Perhaps Arsenal fans have forgotten that Fabregas wanted nothing more than to return to Arsenal, but Arsene Wenger said no. So he went to Chelsea, he had to play somewhere.

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Fabregas was always one of my favorite players, and while I feel crazy jealous every time I see him in Blue, I don’t hate him or wish bad things upon him. He played a huge part at Arsenal and earned the nickname “Captain Fantastic.”

So whether it’s the baseless hatred of Cesc Fabregas or unjust disappointment in Jack Wilshere, this post has absolutely nothing wrong with it. It impressed me more than anything else and the responses just reminded me that you can never please Arsenal fans. It’s just not doable.

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