Should Arsenal Swap Theo Walcott for Raheem Sterling?


With Theo Walcott currently in rumored contract talks with Arsene Wenger (according to ESPNFC) to extent his already extensive stay at Arsenal, speculation has begun that Arsenal may just pull the old swap move and pull Raheem Sterling to the Emirates.

Or at least that’s the idea.

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Raheem Sterling is currently involved in contract talks with Liverpool, but the 20-year old may opt for another club to make his living at.

While the rumor speculation comes from the Mirror, it does make sense for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, Theo Walcott’s main suitor is Liverpool, as they have always been fans of the speedy winger and Walcott was a childhood Liverpool fan. So that part of the move is pretty self-explanatory.

The part that isn’t as easy to digest is the opposite end, Raheem Sterling to Arsenal.

Since the contract saga with Sterling began and the worry of him not re-signing really started setting in, clubs have swarmed for the in-demand winger. Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Manchester City are all swarming around the young winger, and they have far more money to spend than Arsenal does (so they say).

At 20-years old, the young Englishman is going to fetch a hefty price tag. He’s one of the fastest players in the world and he’s not afraid to score either, scoring twenty times in his last two years. He hasn’t had any serious injury troubles and the sky’s the limit with the guy, who also features prominently for the English National team.

But Arsenal have plenty to offer the young winger. First of all, he’d be opposite Alexis Sanchez and making runs for Mesut Ozil, not to mention feeding the ever-present forehead of Olivier Giroud. It’s an enviable set up for a young winger to grow and develop into.

Not only that, but Arsenal have a large English contingent to lure another Englishman in with. Danny Welbeck, Jack Wilshere, Kieran Gibbs, Calum Chambers and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain all line up with the three lions, and that camaraderie is another thing that players look for. He would be able to fit in immediately and he’s undoubtedly already established relationships with some of his countrymen.

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And then there’s the Arsene Wenger factor.

Everyone wants to play for Arsene Wenger. Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil both chose Arsenal and cited Arsene Wenger as one of the primary reasons they chose the Gunners. No doubt young Sterling would like to learn under the most senior manager in the Premier League at a time where they’re really starting to grow together and find their form as a unit.

It’s still a stretch, but a trade-off between the two makes more sense. Neither wants to lose their player, especially to a rival, but a one for one deal with cash consideration isn’t the most unfeasible thing in the world.

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