Which Arsenal Man Impressed the Most On International Break?

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Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil didn’t tally any statistics, no goals or assists, but there was one thing he did that impressed me more than any stat would have. He spoke loudly:

I’m actually not joking. Mesut Ozil played a full ninety minutes, which is impressive too, but he has always been a quiet and reserved player, using his skill to speak for itself. And that’s all well and good, but the fact that he’s now adding cussing out referees to his ever-expanding repertoire means he may full be acclimating to English football.

Ozil faced a lot of criticism for the spat, but like I mentioned, it’s more of a good sign than a bad.

He also featured for the full ninety in Germany’s defeat of Georgia. Here’s a video of his contributions:

It was another good game for Ozil, who had the third most touches on the team, two for three in shots on target, added a couple of key passes and maintained just under 90% in pass completion.

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