New Abou Diaby Deal Would be Completely Senseless for Arsene Wenger


Right as April Fools Day ended, Arsene Wenger took to the podium to discuss a number of things. One of those things being Abou Diaby. Not more than a couple months ago it appeared that Abou Diaby was finally going to be able to move on and leave his horrendous history at Arsenal behind him, but alas, Arsene Wenger may have other plans.

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He told the Guardian: “I had a chat with him and told him how I can envisage the future. He has to make a decision. Of course he understands completely that he has to perform and to show that he can be present on a consistent way.” He went on:  “I will see where we go from there. I wouldn’t like to go into details, we have to meet again to see where we go from what I told him. It has to be linked a little bit with his presence.

What worries me about this statement is that Wenger said that Diaby has to make a decision. That gives off the eerie feeling that it may be the luckless French midfielder’s choice whether he stays or goes. Given his injury history that would drive off other teams and the obviously spotless relationship he has with the manager, why wouldn’t he want to stay?

Abou Diaby has had 42 injuries during his tenure at Arsenal. In 2006 he broke his ankle against Sunderland and he’s done absolutely nothing since. His career is a tragedy. He’s made 22 appearances in the last four years, only one competitive appearance this year and no one knows if he’s getting better or if he’s just perpetually hurt.

Whereas Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey have both had a history of injury problems, they both manage to make appearances on the field and remind us why they’re still in Arsenal red. Aaron Ramsey overcame a horrid leg break against Stoke City and while Jack Wilshere’s glass ankles continue to plague him, he’s shown up on the pitch and looked convincing in doing so.

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But not Abou Diaby.

Diaby played against Southampton in the League Cup for 67 minutes and that’s the last we’ve seen of him this year. It’s time to cut him loose. It only makes sense. That spot on the team can be filled by anyone, seeing as how the spot is never used. Any young player can step into that spot and train with the first team, gaining invaluable experience. Every time I see photos of Abou Diaby training with the first team, I question it.

I feel sorry for Abou Diaby, but pity is no reason to keep a player on a team. Football is a business along with being a sport and despite Arsene Wenger’s undoubted loyalty to his players, 42 injuries has to be a little past where you draw the line. It’s ridiculous. It’s time to let the guy go and move on with life.

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