Arsenal’s Predicted Squad to Face Burnley

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Francis Coquelin and Santi Cazorla

Aaron Ramsey also picked up a knock against Liverpool so unless he is absolutely convincing in his fitness, I don’t foresee him starting this weekend. While I’d like to see Jack Wilshere given a shot, now isn’t the time to be finagling with the perfect combination.

Francis Coquelin has become unstoppable. His slide tackle timing is top of the line, he’s absolutely fearless and he’ll back down from no one. He’s even cut back a bit on the rash tackles.

On the other side, Santi Cazorla’s offensive contribution makes up for Coquelin’s lack thereof. Arsene Wenger has plenty of options to mix things up here in the midfield, but don’t expect him too. It’s not the Arsene way.

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