Arsenal’s Stockpiling of “Wonderkids” Testament to Squad’s Current Strength


Normally, teams are scrambling to launch bids players for who fit whatever holes they’re deemed to have. Arsenal are used to hearing the outcry to launch bids for defenders, strikers and holding midfielders. However, given Arsenal’s current status, the only positions they really need are a secondary striker (still a debatable need) and another defender (a luxury type of need).

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As such, that 50 million pound transfer budget can be used on the future of the club, something that’s already in good standing given the immense crop of talent ready to make their impact on the first team.

But Arsenal are continuing to scour the world for “wonderkids” and after securing the services of the Polish wonderkid Krystian Bielik, they have since been seen in the bidding vicinity of two more wonderkids.

The first is Maxi Romero, the Argentine deemed the next Lionel Messi. His country of origin is the main contributor there, but it’s still praise, nonetheless, and this kid is deserving of the praise.

Dick Law, Arsenal’s chief negotiator, has flown to South America to finalize a 4.5 million pound offer for Romero (via the Metro). The 16-year old’s ownership rights are still in question, so that’s the last hang up, but overall, the deal looks almost all set to be completed.

I said the same thing when Wenger made three offers for Bielik, increasing each time, but for Wenger to spend that much money on a 16 year old, he must be something special. Here’s video proof that this kid has some pretty special skills:

At 16 years old, he’s absolutely dominating at Velez Starfield in Argentina, playing well above what his age would suggest he’s capable of. He’s scoring goals rapidly and contributing beautifully on offense.

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But Romero isn’t the only wonderkid that Arsenal are gunning for. The other is Uruguayan 16-year old Federico Valverde. Arsene Wenger has reportedly (the Metro) submitted a 2.5 million pound bid. Barcelona and Chelsea are also in on the youngster, as scouts were prevalent at the 2015 South American U17 Championship, where Valverde put in seven goals in nine appearances.

Not every wonderkid turns out to be the next Lionel Messi, but it doesn’t hurt to have them just in case they do. Such an increase to Arsenal’s willingness to launch multi-million pound bids is testament to the current status of the club. As mentioned, Arsenal don’t have any glaring needs, so even if 10 of the 50 million allotted Arsenal for the transfer window are being spent on wonderkids, it’s a worthy investment. We don’t have enough needs to splurge 50 million on and wonderkids that are bought now can multiply in value and carry the team three to five years down the road.

It’s an investment in the future that provides a reassurance of the present. Arsenal are in good shape and they’re only getting better.

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