How Does Alexis Sanchez Stand up Against His PFA Award Competitors?

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David De Gea vs Alexis Sanchez

This is a tough one to argue because arguing any positional player against a keeper is near-impossible. No individual is more isolated in his contribution to a team than a keeper, but I still think that the way that De Gea has kept United in so many matches is pretty similar to the way in which Alexis kept Arsenal pulling points out of tough games in the early parts of the year.

While the positioning can be a boon to De Gea, being a keeper can also be a boon in the opposite direction, as he’s really limited in how much of an impact he makes. Granted, with the shaky United defense, he’s had plenty of opportunities to make the impact he’s made, he’s still only allowed to roam a small box on a large pitch.

Alexis traverses the entire pitch, from start to finish, no matter the score. He creates for himself. Again, it may be slightly unfair because of the positional difference, but Alexis Sanchez’s contribution, while maybe slightly behind that of a solid keeper, is still the best of any positional player in the league. And if that’s the only argument De Gea has on Alexis, it’s not enough.

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