How Does Alexis Sanchez Stand up Against His PFA Award Competitors?

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Diego Costa vs Alexis Sanchez

Diego Costa hit the ground running for Chelsea after coming in from Atletico Madrid. But so did Alexis Sanchez. No two players hit the ground running in the heated Premier League like these two, so that argument is a wash.

Costa obviously scores goals a bit more frequently than Alexis, so he has that upper hand, but that’s the only one he has. It’s a similar argument used against Aguero and Kane except that Chelsea really have relied heavily on Costa. When he’s been out, Chelsea have suffered.

Costa will get plenty of votes, I could see him getting the third most. But I still don’t think a striker should beat out a full-field player when their contribution to the team is so much. Alexis does everything for Arsenal and Costa mainly just scores. He’s made some good defensive contributions, but given where he’s pegged on the field, he can’t do that much.

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