How Does Alexis Sanchez Stand up Against His PFA Award Competitors?

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Eden Hazard vs Alexis Sanchez

This is the hardest one to compare because there are many aspects where Hazard beats out Alexis Sanchez. Before anything, let’s compare the key stats (via Squawka on a per 90 minute basis):

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Alexis Sanchez’s goals and assists are superior, but his 76% pass completion is a pale comparison to Hazard’s 87%. Hazard is also much more successful at retaining possession and winning it back than Alexis.

But I’d wager that Alexis’s distance traveled per 90 is slightly more and his work rate is seriously second to none.

The reason I give the upper hand to Alexis Sanchez is the same argument I’ve repeated too many times – how much Arsenal relied on him and how much he delivered. Eden Hazard plays a huge part at Chelsea but he’s never taken the team by the scruff of the neck and dragged them to victory like Alexis had to do in 2014. Hazard is a creator and a wizard on the ball, but Alexis is a driven engine that powers the team when need be.

It’s the same argument that can be used for any MVP competition – how much did a single player impact their team? That should be the main contributing factor to such an award, given it’s basic idea.

It’ll be a tough one and two finishing spot for the PFA award, but I’d still give it to Alexis. I hope I was as unbiased as possible, but regardless, who wins it in your mind?

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