Arsenal’s Pursuit of Isco much more Believable this time Around


Arsenal transfer rumors are always going to be sprouting up from every dark corner in the world. The fact that Edinson Cavani and Gonzalo Higuain are still linked to the Gunners is proof of that. But Isco is another one that I thought was one of that crowd. He’s a high-priced luxury that Arsenal simply don’t need.

Or at least that was the opinion last time.

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Now, however, he may seem like a viable option to bring to the Emirates. We know that Real Madrid are constantly changing the guard and the 22-year old is proving to be a quality talent that needs first-team time. And yet, despite his success at Los Blancos, they are still in pursuit of Paul Pogba, a 22-year old midfielder who is being hunted by every team with a wallet.

Well, from Isco’s point of view, that’s not exactly appealing. Here he is, the same age as Paul Pogba, hitting his prime and finding fantastic success, and yet his team is looking for potential replacements, much like when they brought in James Rodriguez. That alone is grounds to seek another avenue of success. Plus, despite the praise that Carlo Ancelotti has heaped on the creative midfielder, he continues to play him in a defensive role (via Marca), something that we Arsenal supporters know can frustrate a player and spoil good form.

The Telegraph reports that Real Madrid are ready to cash in on their young Spaniard and may only seek a fee of around 35 million pounds, which is a reduced price for such a young proven talent. Isco was referred to as Spain’s best young talent in 2013 and Marca claims that he has Sergio Aguero’s ‘shimmer’ and the passing of Zidane. That’s quite the dynamic combination and he’s not falling short of the praise thus far. Iker Casillas even said that young Isco would become Spain’s most crucial player (via Air Herald).

If Real Madrid are truly willing to part with Isco for 35 million pounds, and why wouldn’t they if he’s going to continue to be a backup, then Arsenal should pounce on the opportunity. I’ve stated many a time that Arsenal have a surplus of midfielders, but the right injuries can still be detrimental. Isco would provide an excellent option to slot out wide or play in just about any midfield role other than Francis Coquelin’s. He’d provide a fantastic option with the potential to control Arsenal football in the future when he really hits the prime of his mid 20’s. Until that time, he’d still be suiting up next to Mesut Ozil, his former Malaga team mate Santi Cazorla and Alexis Sanchez, all of whom have been known to enhance the performances of those around them.

I really try not to get my hopes up with Arsenal transfer rumors. But in summary, here are the reasons why I think this is actually viable option.

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  1. Arsenal typically make one big signing a summer, this could be that one.
  2. Real Madrid sell players incredibly often (Mesut Ozil, Angel di Maria etc.).
  3. Isco needs first-team action and he’s continuously a back-up or a fill-in at Real Madrid.
  4. If Paul Pogba goes to Real Madrid.
  5. Santi Cazorla and he had a fantastic rapport at Malaga.
  6. Everyone wants to play under Arsene Wenger.
  7. 35 million for a 22 year old with world class talent is bargain shopping.

I’m sure I could keep going but you get the point. Whereas most transfer rumors are judged solely on a player’s ‘want to get away’ and Arsenal’s need, this one has several interwoven connections that quite simply make sense.

It’s still a long shot, but it’s not like Alexis Sanchez seemed like a plausible signing in the winter of 2013.

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