Theo Walcott and Danny Welbeck Have Become Hindrances to Arsenal’s Attack


Arsenal drawing 0-0 against Chelsea isn’t the worst outcome in the world, but it surely isn’t the best either. While Chelsea have essentially won the title, Arsenal still gain a point towards second place and nobody got hurt. But it’s frustrating because of the chances Arsenal created. Chelsea had the “don’t lose” mentality but they created some chances too, but Arsenal’s attack looked potent.

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Or at least, it looked potent until Danny Welbeck and Theo Walcott were brought on.

Let me first say that I think the world of Danny Welbeck’s and Theo Walcott’s talent level, but right now they simply do not fit into the Arsenal attacking scheme. When Olivier Giroud came off the pitch, it was done and dusted. Danny Welbeck is no striker and we saw that when he botched an open chance. Granted, Mesut Ozil botched it too, but it doesn’t exactly make it any better making it a double botch.

Danny Welbeck is a project and he should not have been brought on against Chelsea. Theo Walcott is the same way. Arsenal’s attack lost all it’s venom when those two came on. Walcott only touched the ball twice as he quickly made the right side of the pitch irrelevant.

Arsenal’s attack is a machine that’s a long time in the making, and Danny Welbeck and Theo Walcott are having immense trouble getting into that machine and finding a part. Welbeck has had positive moments, some key passes and whatnot, but his goals haven’t shown up. I think bringing his pace on over Coquelin was a good thought, but I’d rather have seen Jack Wilshere be given a shot in the dark. At least with Wilshere it’s like a surprise, he could do anything. But with Welbeck, I immediately prepare for disappointment.

Theo Walcott hasn’t been able to fit in since his injury. When he was hurt, Arsenal still favored the “Arsenal way” but since then, he hasn’t been able to find his stride. So again, similar to Danny Welbeck, he shouldn’t be being used, especially when he’s coming on for Olivier Giroud. Bringing on Welbeck for Francis Coquelin made sense from an offensive standpoint, but Walcott for Giroud did not. Call it pure speculation, but I firmly believe that Olivier Giroud would have tapped the ball in that went past Danny Welbeck’s legs. If John Terry did get a touch then I have faith in Giroud’s physicality to keep Terry away from that ball.

I understand that coming on as a sub isn’t a walk in the park. Coming into a game like this and making an immediate impact is no easy feat, but at some point you have to do some semblance of something and Theo Walcott and Danny Welbeck have done no such thing, Walcott moreso.

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They are the only real attack-oriented options that Arsenal have and this problem needs to be addressed. I don’t have faith in them coming onto the field.

This isn’t a belittlement of their skill levels. I fully appreciate their skill and talent and all the positives that these two have, but as the Chelsea game proved, they hinder the Arsenal attack. It felt like the Gunners lost all venom when they were brought on. Arsenal need more attacking options from the bench. Maybe an Isco or a Memphis Depay wouldn’t be the worst possible investments in the world.

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