Aaron Ramsey an Arsenal Hero After Dismissing Piers Morgan in Grand Fashion


Every Arsenal fan is familiar with the (in)famous Arsenal “fan” with a name beginning with P and ending with -iers Morgan (Piers Morgan, if you couldn’t put it together). And many Arsenal fans are about as big of a fan of Piers Morgan as he is of Arsenal (not very much). However, Piers Morgan still claims he loves the Gunners despite his crazy negative tweets regarding the team.

Piers Morgan’s least favorite player would probably be the Welsch Wonder, Aaron Ramsey. He posted this beauteous tweet in 2012 about Ramsey:

The tween follows the general trend of his never-positive attitude. Not long after the tweet, Aaron Ramsey was questioned and ushered the wonderful words “who is Piers Morgan?” which prompted Morgan to henceforth refer to Aaron Ramsey as “Whatshisname,” because that’s the mature thing to do.

Since then, Ramsey has been superb. He’s a world-class midfielder and as long as he’s healthy, he’s making a difference and it’s easy to see. Last year was his best year of all as he scored 16 and assisted on 10; those kind of numbers for a midfielder are insane, but there’d be no admittance from Piers Morgan that he called this guy a liability to the team. Morgan and Aaron Ramsey’s (lack of a) relationship took an entertaining turn after the Chelsea draw (as reported by the Independent).

Personally, Aaron Ramsey has always been my favorite player, but this puts even more icing on an already well-iced cake. This story is becoming my favorite moment of the Arsenal season, the only moment it has left to beat is Jack Wilshere’s headbutt of Marouane Fellaini.

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But what Aaron Ramsey did is more monumental and means more than just it’s entertainment value. The media is always on Arsenal’s back. The Gunners are just never good enough, they’ve never signed enough and they’re boring. Piers Morgan is one of the worst offenders in this media brigade of buffoons.

Aaron Ramsey turning down a simple handshake from the ringleader of the media circus isn’t an immature move. Piers Morgan tried to paint it like he was burying the hatchet, which, seeing as how he never exactly recanted his Aaron Ramsey assessment, isn’t true. Snubbing the handshake is like a metaphor for Arsenal’s refusal to give into the media’s idiocy.

Aaron Ramsey has been one of the most highly-criticized players on the squad for the past half decade. His injuries, like Jack Wilshere, have been speed bumps in a career that has clearly finally taken flight. He is the poster child of the media’s hyper-activity in making a situation so much worse than it already is, especially from an Arsenal standpoint. The baseless criticism of Ramsey in the early stages of his career was pathetic and all those who criticize never come out and admit they were wrong, they just hope everyone forgets. They have no respect or decency and Piers Morgan is the worst of the bunch.

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Aaron Ramsey is such a good representative of what Arsenal are all about. A horrific leg break and struggling to recover turned into the cornerstones of what’s becoming a splendid career; a career that is almost entirely thanks to Arsene Wenger’s patience in the wake of the media’s harping over Aaron Ramsey’s “worthlessness.”

Piers Morgan will (sadly) continue to do what he does and so will Aaron Ramsey. It’s not like Ramsey turning down a handshake is going to completely revolutionize the media world. I wish it would, but it’ll probably be forgotten before too much longer, but it doesn’t take away from what it meant (to me at least), and I hope that all you Gooners never forget it either.

Cheers to Aaron Ramsey!

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