Arsenal’s Best Possible Squad to Start Against Hull City

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Arsenal are confined to a battle for second place seeing as how Chelsea are just three points away from clinching the league title. But Arsenal can’t put on cruise control and grind out the remainder of the season, they still have to put their best foot forward in each and every remaining match to ensure that we can maintain second and not slip to third or fourth.

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Hull City is the next match and it’s not as easy as it appears. They’ve have recently beaten Liverpool 1-0 and while they appear to be safe in 15th, they’re only 4 points away from the top relegation spot. That isn’t the safest of positions and Hull City were looking to make progress this year with how much they spent in the summer transfer window.

But all things considered, Arsenal are the best team in the Premier League in 2015 and they’re fully capable of putting away Hull. I wouldn’t expect too many rotations in the squad, but I would prefer to see some players returning from injury given the chance to play.

I had advocated for Jack Wilshere being started against Chelsea and I still think he should have at least come on as a sub, but I was granted neither wish. I’ll be looking for the same against Hull City: Jack Wilshere has to play and I would much rather prefer to see him start, as the objective is to turn him into a starter in the long run.

Arsenal don’t have the toughest schedule to finish off the season. A flourishing Manchester United will be the biggest test. But relegation-worried teams are sometimes the toughest to beat. They could most definitely throw some wrenches into the plans of a lot of the top squads.

Second place is a very good spot for an Arsenal team that couldn’t even put three straight wins together not so long ago. We haven’t lost since February and we haven’t even looked like losing, as our consistency has been incredibly… well… consistent.

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The reason for that consistency is the squad that Arsenal keep putting out on the pitch match after match. Arsene Wenger fills out the same team sheet every match and it always works. In fact, IBT predicts that Arsenal will yet again make no changes to the starting lineup.

So why would I prefer changes a la Jack Wilshere?

Because they need a taste of this consistency so that they can start becoming a part of it.

And so without further ado, here are the best possible starting options for Arsenal to deploy against a pesky Hull City.

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