Arsenal’s Best Possible Squad to Start Against Hull City

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Francis Coquelin and Jack Wilshere

I seriously think this could be an excellent partnership. Both have no fears, both play incredibly physical, and they have a history of mutual respect and admiration. Francis Coquelin’s overflowing confidence could benefit Jack Wilshere immensely and we all know that Wilshere’s destiny is all about getting him into some semblance of consistency that all starts with confidence.

Santi Cazorla is a fantastic player but he has a knack for disappearing at times. That being said, the spot is his for the foreseeable future and he knows that. Getting Jack Wilshere some playing time at the end of a crucial season wouldn’t hurt Cazorla in the least.

Also, getting Jack Wilshere into these important matches to secure second place would work wonders on the young Englishman’s confidence, as he’d be able to feel the impact of his play on Arsenal’s finish.

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