Five Reason Why Arsenal Are Easy Favorites to Win the Premier League Next Season

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Every sports fan is familiar with the “next year” argument. Arsenal fans have had to really get acclimated to the argument given that we haven’t won the title in ten years (as Jose Mourinho will happily tell you). But for once, the “next year” argument can be used with confidence for Arsenal.

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The Gunners are no longer perennial 4th place contenders. Normally about this time we’d be bum-rushing a Champions League spot, but we already have that. We are in a much better place now and it’s thanks to years of suffering through those mediocre seasons. Now we are better equipped to compete for a Premier League title.

Take the past two seasons for instance. Last season (without Alexis Sanchez and with a mediocre Mesut Ozil), Arsenal led the Premier League longer than any other team. The entire first half of the season belonged to the Gunners. But thanks to injuries we tailed off at the end.

Then, consider this year. For the beginning half of the season, we had injuries galore. Lingering injuries from last year and new injuries left Arsenal incapable of stringing three wins together. It was the Alexis Sanchez show. But then the second half rolled around, players started to return from injury and all of a sudden, we’re the best team in the Premier League.

Chelsea may have won the league, but no team is in better form in the calendar year than Arsenal. While that sort of momentum can easily tail off with a summer break (and it often has for Arsenal), this time around, things will be different.

Calling Arsenal “easy favorite” for anything is a dicey proposition that will be met with jeers, but many “experts” agree. Phil Neville claims that “they can be a championship-winning team” (via BBC Sport). While I disagree with the “if we get a world-class goalie” clause, it’s still testament to Arsenal’s current state.

Jamie Carragher took the same approach when staking Arsenal’s claim. “We say the same thing, they are close. Last year they got into the top four very late. This is different,” he said via SkySports. “I think they’ve joined those top two sides that we think every season are going to go for the title. They’re so close.”

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Carragher echoes the sentiment that yes, Arsenal do always say next year, but this is different.

Even Jose Mourinho, the bane of Arsene Wenger’s existence, says that Arsenal are so close to becoming Invincible yet again (the Business Standard). He cites the need for four more top class players (just like Thierry Henry), but the fact that Mourinho is even admitting that we’re that close means we must be making considerable progress.

Many credible sources are pointing out how likely it is that Arsenal will be in prime contention for a title next year, so don’t just take my word for it.

There are many reasons why Arsenal are being pegged as title favorites next year. Here are five them.

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