Five Reason Why Arsenal Are Easy Favorites to Win the Premier League Next Season

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Arsenal Can’t Be Disabled with One Injury

Injuries have always managed to derail Arsenal in the past. Any time there was an international break, Gooner’s worldwide would hold their collective breaths and pray that no one got hurt.

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While injuries would still hurt the team, we have the means to overcome. Alexis Sanchez was out for a few games at the beginning of our 2015 streak and we managed. Mesut Ozil’s spot can be managed by Alexis or Santi Cazorla if need be. Danny Welbeck has usefulness on the wings. Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere can play literally any position in front of defense.

And speaking of defense, it’s nearly injury proof. With four center backs, three right backs and two left backs, what do we have to worry?

The two injuries that could possibly hurt us are to Olivier Giroud or Francis Coquelin. While Alexis could feasibly play striker in Giroud’s absence, I’d still like to see a secondary striker. Francis Coquelin could be covered by Jack Wilshere if he plays like he did against Hull. I still think that he and Aaron Ramsey have a lot to prove as a partnership. But let’s hope that never comes to pass.

The point is, Arsenal isn’t a team centered on one person. They are a well-organized unit. Chelsea oftentimes look toothless without Diego Costa or Eden Hazard. Manchester United flounder without Wayne Rooney. Manchester City struggle to score without Sergio Aguero.

But Arsenal have a lot of teeth, if you will. They have a multi-faceted attack that doesn’t have to culminate in one man shooting the ball (a la the Robin van Persie days). Anyone involved in the attack can put the ball in the net.

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