Who Will Arsenal’s Next Captain Be?

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Honorable Mentions

Arsenal have a good amount of players who could serve as adequate captains. Aside from the ones listed, Alexis Sanchez could be mentioned as well, but his short time at the club pretty much disqualifies him.

Personally, I think Olivier Giroud wouldn’t be the worst of choices, but I fear that the Emirates would be put to the torch by riotous Gooners if the much-debated Frenchman were given the title.

Theo Walcott is the longest tenured Arsenal player, but his recent woes and contract situations would no doubt hinder his chances of being anointed captain.

Jack Wilshere could stake a claim too. He’s been with Arsenal for as long as he’s had a mind to remember and no one bleeds Arsenal more than this guy. The obvious snag is his injury-proneness and the simple fact that he hasn’t been on the pitch consistently.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain could assume the role in a couple years if he cements himself as a sure-fire starter. He’s too young now and while he’s overflowing with potential, that never earned anyone a captaincy.

Those are the candidates! Make your voice heard, who do you want Arsenal’s next captain to be?

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