Arsenal’s Best Starting XI to Face Swansea City

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Arsenal are not in the clear to take second place just yet. Manchester City is making it a tad uncomfortable but the Gunners are in control of their own destiny. While that would seemingly be a scary prospect in the past, with the current form Arsenal is in, it couldn’t be a better situation.

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Swansea City is next up, and as perennial mid-table finishers, they may not seem like the biggest threat, but if you take a gander at the current BPL form table (through, you’ll see that Swansea City sits fourth in the current form table.

However, if you look more in depth, the teams that they’ve been beating aren’t exactly top notch, but they have confidence and they sure wouldn’t mind playing the spoilers for a potentially epic Arsenal season. I know Lukasz Fabianski sure wouldn’t mind playing a spoiler.

Arsenal have a minor bout with the injury bug going on at the moment, Arsene Wenger revealed (through that Danny Welbeck is out, Aaron Ramsey is a 50/50 shot, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is still unavailable, so some minor adjustments may have to be made to prevent worsening injuries while still providing the club the best chance to win.

At this point, with Ramsey being 50/50, I’d almost rather not see him play. Arsene Wenger has assured us that he’ll play again this season and while he is in fantastic form, he’s also incredibly prone to injury and if he’s already nursing a minor injury, he’s even more susceptible to suffering a long term injury.

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This opens the door for an encore performance from Jack Wilshere, who proved that he is absolutely ready to step back into the first team and make the impact he’s been destined to make for Arsenal. Given that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Danny Welbeck are both out as well, that leaves the right side (assuming Ramsey doesn’t play) a toss-up between Wilshere and Theo Walcott. I think I know who wins that duel. Jack Wilshere is very similar to Aaron Ramsey and since we’ve been employing the midfield type to cover the right wing, it only makes sense that Jack Wilshere would get the call over Theo Walcott, who’s more of a specified winger.

Don’t expect many changes to the starting eleven. There may be a surprise or two but with the injury situation the way it is, Arsene Wenger may find his hands tied. Here are the best possible starting eleven for Arsenal to take down Swansea City.

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