Santi Cazorla’s Future at Arsenal in Jeopardy based on these Five Reasons

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He yearns to return to Spain

Santi Cazorla is a Spaniard (shocker!) and as such, he has dreams of returning to Spain to play. Take it from his own mouth: “Real Oviedo is the team of which I was, I am, and will be a supporter of for all of my life. It’s where I grew up, I learned a lot as a player and I wish I could wear that shirt. In the short term it will be difficult, but hopefully in a few years it can be fulfilled.” (IBT)

Cazorla was quick to dismiss Atletico Madrid talks, but he isn’t shy about his dreams of returning to Spanish football. At the age of 30, his career is starting to wind down and if he really wants to return to Spain, he’s going to have to do it sooner rather than later. Once he turns 32 or 33 (let’s hope not earlier) it’s going to be prime time to get out of England.

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