Arsenal’s Best Possible Starting Squad to Face Manchester United

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David Ospina

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Ospina has been subjected to some seriously over-the-top criticism from the likes of Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville. The best way to shut up the talking heads is to come out with a dominating performance and shut down a quality team like Manchester United.

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Despite commanding some of the most impressive stats in the world, Ospina continues to get no respect. Whether he lets the chit-chat bother him or not, he continues to impress match after match. Sure, his stature isn’t the typical goalie stature, but he’s still a first-class, number one keeper and anyone who can’t see that is just caught up in the Petr Cech hype.

David Ospina will have plenty to do against Manchester United. They’ll test him more than they tested Wojciech Szczesny in the FA Cup. He’ll have to make saves and he’ll have to be commanding but he has all the necessary skills to do just that.

It’s a big match for Ospina. But I have all the faith in the world that he’ll come out ready to remind everyone that no matter what they think, he’s got this Arsenal keeper position on lockdown for the foreseeable future. Petr Cech need not apply here.

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