Arsenal’s Best Possible Starting Squad to Face Manchester United

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Gabriel Paulista and Laurent Koscielny

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I’ve made the switch from Per Mertesacker to Gabriel Paulista at no fault of the big German, I just see Paulista as far more capable of making a big impact on the game as opposed to Mertesacker’s steadiness.

Plus, everything points to this being a very open game. United want to surpass Arsenal and the Gunners are going to be up and down the pitch keeping up with the Reds. Paulista’s pace and intensity make him a much better candidate for such an affair than the cool, calm and collected Per Mertesacker.

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Gabriel has recovery speed, won’t be caught out of position, and is much more capable in one on one scenarios, which, given the predicted openness of the game, is incredibly valuable.

Laurent Koscielny should come as no surprise. He’s always about as good as they come. As far as the best center backs in the Premier League, Koscielny has to be near the top if not right at the top.

The combination of Koscielny and Paulista looked incredibly dominant when they were given their trial run earlier in the year. I want to see that dominance continue and who better to do it against than the dastardly Manchester United?

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