Arsenal’s Best Possible Starting Squad to Face Manchester United

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Mesut Ozil and Olivier Giroud

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Mesut Ozil will continue to batten down the hatch at the No. 10 role to no one’s surprise. He has become a master at the role in the Premier League despite what his early England career hinted at. He was stymied by Swansea, but who wasn’t? The openness of the upcoming United match will play wonderfully to his strengths in finding runners and playing them in behind the defense.

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Ozil’s pin point passing will find plenty of room to flow against a lackluster United defense.

At the front, Olivier Giroud’s goalless streak continues and you have to wonder if that fragile confidence that was revealed earlier in the year is starting to crack and shatter. Giroud needs a goal more than anyone else lest he fall into a bad mental state where no goal is easy.

Manchester United don’t have the most physical defenders to match up against the hulking Frenchman, but on set pieces, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Marouane Fellaini marking Giroud.

Either way, Giroud is going to need to put together a mini-goal streak going into the summer or the new-striker clatter is going to be unbearable. I really hope that Wenger doesn’t try to outsmart himself and start Danny Welbeck.

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