Olivier Giroud’s Lack of Confidence Becoming a Problem for Arsenal Again?


It seems like just yesterday that everything Olivier Giroud touched found the back of the net. Now he can’t find a goal, let alone a decent opportunity. Part of that has to do with opposing managers making it a point to manhandle Olivier Giroud and not allow him any freedom to roam within the box, but could part of it also come from the lack of self-confidence that Giroud has admitted he can fall victim to?

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Giroud said back in Freburary: “I try to give my best every game, sometimes it goes easy, sometimes I struggle a bit more, but it is always a determination, I try to keep it high in my head, because it is my worst enemy,” as reported by the Evening Standard. He went on: “(I am asking myself) am I ready or am I not? The boss told me that before and sometimes I need to push myself a bit out of my comfort zone.”

Olivier Giroud said these comments in the midst of his insane scoring streak so he may have been oozing with so much confidence that he felt comfortable admitting that he can sometimes lack in confidence, as has been a problem in his past.

The concern now becomes, with Giroud going on a five-match goal drought, will confidence start to become an issue again?

Even if opposing managers are trying to suffocate Olivier Giroud, like he said himself, he has to push himself to do more. In the second leg against Monaco, the French side looked to sit back and not allow any threats to the goal, but Olivier Giroud knew what he had to do and he literally muscled his way into positions and ended up getting a goal. He kicked himself into another gear and proved that he has that next level.

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Something similar has to happen against Manchester United. If the speculation of Arsenal signing a “world-classed” striker irks Giroud as much as he says it does (as reported by the Independent), then he desperately needs another couple goals before the summer or he is in for a frustrating three months before next season. And the worst part about that frustration is he won’t be able to unleash it on the pitch.

The fact that Olivier Giroud listens to the pundits claiming he isn’t world class is a worrisome topic in and of itself and again shows how his self-confidence can be lacking. The pundits will never stop. As we’ve seen from Thierry Henry, everyone is watching, and everyone thinks they know best. But in the end it’s up to Giroud to prove them wrong and if it comes down to external factors for him to produce his best form, then he needs to dig deep and figure out a new way. That is, unless he wants Arsenal to nab another striker and provide him some much closer competition.

The Frenchman admitted that he “love[s] this shirt and [wants] to achieve big things with this team” in the same Evening Standard interview, so maybe he can channel his love for the club as the main driving factor that returns him to form. He can’t keep relying on speculation to propel him. Likewise, he can’t let drops in form get him down like he has been guilty of. This is a vicious game. No one is going to do him any favors. It’s up to him and his team mates to remind Olivier Giroud of what matters (hint: it’s not the pundits).

Giroud has an excellent chance against United because of the openness of the game. There won’t be enough clustering for Giroud to be suffocated all game. Plenty of balls will be floating his way and given the lack of physicality on the United back line, he’ll have plenty of heading opportunities. Nothing would kick start Olivier Giroud’s form like a few power headers.

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