Danny Welbeck to Follow in the Footsteps of Mesut Ozil at Arsenal?


With the season winding down to a close, we have to accept that the first year of life at Arsenal wasn’t the best for Danny Welbeck. He had an absolutely splendid game against Galatasaray in the UEFA Champions League, put up a few class performances and put in the game winner against Manchester United in the FA Cup, but that was it. The gaps in success were enormous and even he has admitted that he’s disappointed with his season.

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“It has been a transitional season for me, moving down to London, playing in a new system for a new manager and a new team, getting used to new things around the club,” he said via the Evening Standard. He went on to express that aforementioned disappointment: “I’ve been a bit unhappy with goals at club level.”

This summer will give Danny Welbeck a chance to transition into Arsenal even more. Months of training with little interruptions due to injuries or matches will allow him to mesh into the team’s overlying strategy and mold into exactly what Arsene Wenger has in store for him.

Having one initial year as a flop isn’t the end of the world. If we look at last year, it’s not like Mesut Ozil was exactly on top of his game. He was being hounded by every fan with a voice in North London because he was sulking, he was slow and he was a pushover.

Look at the transition to this year. Now he’s smiling, putting in a huge workload, picking out passes and he’s even displayed a bit of physicality that we never even saw at Real Madrid. Mesut Ozil took awhile to transition into Arsenal’s system, but now that he has, the sky’s the limit. We saw what he did for Real Madrid and we expected a direct switch but it’s never that easy.

The same can be true for Danny Welbeck. We’ve seen his immense raw talent, we’ve seen what he does for the England national team, where he scores goals like he’s paid to and we even saw brief glimpses of what he can do for Arsenal. Danny Welbeck is going to be a good striker for Arsenal. He’s got all the makings of a guy that can do it. Sure, he’s been the most frustrating player on the team so far this year but again let me point to Mesut Ozil. I, among many, wanted him sold after one year as a ‘flop.’

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Danny Welbeck is going to come out next year with a fresh slate, no pressure on his shoulders, and a world of opportunity to finally grow into the player that everyone (except Louis van Gaal) thinks he can be. Arsene Wenger can not be more sold on the talent levels that Danny Welbeck possesses and very few in the soccer world are better judges of talent than Arsene Wenger.

After all, who has he ever been wrong about? Gervinho flopped, but he’s finding success at Roma so it wasn’t a matter of talent. Nicklas Bendtner is probably the nearest thing to a flop but even he isn’t faring too terribly in Germany. Aaron Ramsey and Olivier Giroud were never given up on and they paid dividends. The point is, Arsene Wenger knows talent and he’s spoken the world of Danny Welbeck.

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