Jack Wilshere or Aaron Ramsey for Arsenal Goal of the Season?


Now that the season is just about over, we can start to look at the best performers, the biggest flops and the most crucial turning points of the 2014/15 season. And, perhaps the most exciting of them all, we can start to debate who had the best goal of Arsenal’s season.

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There were plenty to choose from. Arsenal have a knack for playing for the perfect goal and while they shook that mantra a little bit this year, they still put up some splendid team goals as well as some absolutely rocketed volleys.

But in the end, two goals stand out more than most, one even more so because it was right at the end.

The first candidate is Aaron Ramsey’s rocket against Galatasaray. Take a look:

It’s still amazing, over half a year later. The goal was absolutely hands down the goal of the season at first. It required a unique leg angle given the trajectory the ball was bouncing towards the Welshman, but in the end, the ball couldn’t have been put into the top corner any better. It was on a frozen rope into the goal and Yaya Sanogo’s reaction really says it all:

Ignoring the creepiness generated from the low-pixel screen shot, I think it’s safe to say that Yaya Sanogo doesn’t quite understand what it is he just saw, and he wasn’t alone. The goal was sublime and seemed to defy just about everything.

But just when you thought it was going to be the best goal of the season, Jack Wilshere had to come back from injury and do something crazy like rival it:

Pretty cool. As we all know, since it hit headlines and since Stoke City is up in arms, this strike by Jack Wilshere claimed the BBC’s goal of the season after Arsenal fans “hijacked” the vote from Charlies Austin’s blistering goal against Chelsea.

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But hijacked or not, you can’t look past how splendid the goal was, especially from someone who’s fresh back from injury and could have been lacking in confidence. Any confidence was surely put on maximum capacity after seeing his volley find the top corner.

With Jack Wilshere’s goal fresh in our minds and a nice refresher of Aaron Ramsey’s scorcher, which was more impressive?

Let me go ahead and point out the obvious: it is absolutely awesome to have two young, emerging midfield talents that can be the center of this team for the immediate future. Aaron Ramsey has already emerged as one of the best midfielders in the world and Jack Wilshere has all the talent necessary to join his team mate in that elite company.

Not only that, but as mentioned before, Arsenal have a knack for wanting to create the perfect goal when sometimes it’s necessary to just cut loose and let the ball fly at the net. These two clearly have no qualms with letting it fly and if they keep scoring like this, that tendency will only increase.

Seeing these goals they can score in their young 20s, who knows what treats are in store for Gooners in the years to come.

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