Who has been Arsenal’s Player of the Year?

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Francis Coquelin

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Coquelin was Arsenal’s greatest discovery (or rediscovery) in 2015. His brutish midfield mentality has been invaluable to a team that has been lacking such qualities for about eight years. His timing for slide tackles is impeccable and his interception tallies (just under 4 per game) make him one of, if not the, best holding midfielders in the game.

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You won’t find a greater intensity than that of Coquelin’s. His face has been battered but he never leaves the game. He backs away from no one and isn’t afraid to lower his shoulder into an encroaching attacker.

Long story short, Francis Coquelin is irreplaceable, he absolutely has to be in the team. He has to be the first name on the team sheet, and therefore that right there makes him “MVP quality.” It’s never been a question if he’ll be playing ever since he took over the role.

WhoScored.com rates Francis Coquelin’s average performance at a 7.54, a pretty solid ranking when considering that Alexis Sanchez is only about .20 ahead of him. Few could have expected the consistency we’ve found in Coquelin since his impromptu return from Charlton Athletic.

Although he has no offensive contribution, Coquelin’s defensive qualities make him a top contender for Arsenal’s key player. He’s cured the appetite Arsenal have been hungering for for the past decade.

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