Hector Bellerin Proving to be True Arsenal Man


Hector Bellerin has been a complete revelation this year. After seeing him flounder about like a fish out of water against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League, Hector Bellerin has come into his own and become one of the best right backs in the league. He’s been so good that Arsenal haven’t even noticed the absence of Mathieu Debuchy, who was acquired to repair Arsenal’s problems at right back.

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Hector Bellerin went from an injury fill-in to a bonafide starter and the fastest player on a team with the likes of Theo Walcott, Alexis Sanchez and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. That’s pretty impressive. It’s not every day that a 20-year old becomes the starter on a top-tier team like Arsenal.

But despite the amazing fit, worries began to arise that Hector Bellerin would follow in the footsteps of Cesc Fabregas and ditch Arsenal for his boyhood club of Barcelona. Seemed like a legit fear given the fact that it happened to none other than Captain Fantastic.

The parallels were pretty obvious, especially given how much Hector Bellerin spoke with Cesc Fabregas in terms of career advice. But here’s what Hector Bellerin had to say in terms of his decision: “I’m just thinking about playing for Arsenal and doing well… If I wanted to have played for Barcelona in the future I would have just stayed there,” (via the Telegraph).

Winning the FA Cup in his first year in the Arsenal starting squad will only further cement the youngsters future at Arsenal, and not a minute too soon. Arsenal have a habit of churning out talented young prospects and Hector Bellerin is just the latest to follow that trend. With the way that Arsene Wenger treats his players and builds the team into a family, it only makes sense that Bellerin would feel at home right away. He will always have the support of his team mates and manager.

Not only that, but Bellerin has almost become invaluable in his first year, at the ripe young age of 20. Since taking over for Debuchy, he’s made the position his own and, somewhat surprisingly, performed even better than Debuchy. As such, the starting role is now his to lose.

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Bellerin’s speed is absolutely irreplaceable, it’s impossible to catch him out of position because he can simply run back into position faster than anyone can beat him there. He provides better offense clout down the right flank than any of our attempted right wings have and he even outshines who ever slots in at full back across the pitch.

In summary, Hector Bellerin has done a very smart thing in assuring fans that he will not pull a Cesc Fabregas. Losing key players is still going to be a lingering concern of Arsenal fans and there were quite a few that saw the similarities between Bellerin and Captain Fantastic and put two and two together. It seemed obvious. By reassuring us, Hector Bellerin has endeared himself to Arsenal fans and set himself on track to becoming a fan favorite really quick.

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