Which Arsenal FA Cup Victory Was More Enjoyable?


With two FA Cup championships in two years, it’s natural to compare the two. Last year, the opponent was Hull City. After going down 2-0 unbelievably fast, Arsenal clawed back in to take it to extra time. Then, in an act of heroics that could only be accomplished by the season’s hero, Aaron Ramsey, Arsenal avoided penalties and took home their first trophy in ten years.

This year was a different story. With Aston Villa as the opponent, Arsenal decided to avoid a scenario for last-minute heroics and they avoided any sort of unpleasant scenario at all, really, as they showed Aston Villa who was boss and put them down by a raucous score of 4-0; the second FA Cup in as many years.

Each year has its perks, that much is certain. Last year had a let-down that many predicted, followed by a gritty effort that reinforced the frequently asserted trait that Arsenal are at the best with their backs against the wall. They showed passion and desire and after clawing back into the game and when penalties seemed all but unavoidable, one of Arsenal’s pride and joys, Aaron Ramsey, took Arsenal to the promised land where they keep the trophies.

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This year, Arsenal were fresh out of the trophy drought. We didn’t have the pressure that we had last year. In fact, there was very little pressure at all. However, the celebration didn’t quite feel as, well… celebratory either. It felt like it was an assumed fact that Arsenal were going to win.

However, it was also an absolute Arsenal-fest (or a thumping, as Fox Sports called it). Goals were scored by Theo Walcott, who is suddenly a striker and suddenly all but certain to stay at Arsenal; and then by our pride and joy, Alexis Sanchez, whose subliminal goal seemed to scream “I’m tired of not scoring, here, take this”; and then by Per Mertesacker, who looked like a kid with a shopping spree to Toys R’Us; and finally by Olivier Giroud, whose no-look tap-in reminded us that the criticism of the big Frenchman is completely unfounded.

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The two championships are almost exact opposites. Tons of pressure, early upset, backs against the wall, extra time and last-minute heroics against a blowout, a dominant display, proof that this team is at the next level.

Which brings us to another point in favor of the most recent FA Cup. It showed a new Arsenal. Whereas last year we let Hull City into the driver’s seat, this year we showed that lesser opponents aren’t going to trouble us anymore. We’re a dominant team and that’s all there is to it.

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