Wojciech Szczesny Proves Outstanding Character with Commitment to Arsenal


It appears that winning is all that you need to tie a team together. Go figure. Whereas a couple years ago, in the midst of our decade-long trophy drought, Arsenal players were jumping off the ship like it was on fire, all because Arsenal wasn’t winning.

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It may have had something to do with money, but they’ll never tell you that.

Now that Arsenal have won two trophies in two years (unless you count Giroud’s hottest player trophy or the Community Shield), everyone wants to stay on board. First it was Theo Walcott, who said “of course” he’ll be staying at Arsenal (via the Daily Star). Despite all the hubbub about him not being happy with playing time, Walcott could not have been any more affirmative in his commitment.

Before that, it was Hector Bellerin declaring that he was in no way going to follow Cesc Fabregas’ departure to Barcelona.

And now it’s Wojciech Szczesny.

After a really disappointing follow-up to his golden gloves year, Wojciech Szczesny was benched following a rather embarrassing affair against Southampton. Since then, he’s been dubbed Arsenal’s FA Cup mascot. However, he proved to be more than that in a demonstrative affair in the FA Cup final that saw him render Christian Benteke absolutely worthless.

In another case of Arsene Wenger building his team like a family, Wojciech Szczesny had this to say about his future at the club: “I fully accept the boss’ decisions, whatever they may be. Of course, it’s understandable that your pride feels hurt and your ambition dented. That’s only natural and to be expected. People love to speculate and people love to gossip a bit. But I love this club and I don’t want to ever leave it,” (via talkSPORT).

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Given how much it seemed like Wojciech Szczesny was bitter at having being benched, I think it takes an immense amount of character to come out and declare his love for the club and how he’s perfectly comfortable with whatever Arsene Wenger has in store for him. It’s refreshing to see such loyalty in an era where loyalty is essentially dead. But Arsenal provide the opportunity for loyalty in the way the team is run.

This won’t stop the goal keeper speculation. It will always be prevalent because the pundits out there will never accept Wojciech Szczesny and David Ospina as the world-class keepers they are. But that’s okay because Arsene Wenger knows best and he’s the one that’s running the team.

As long as the victories keep coming, there’s no reason to ever expect any player to want out. Arsenal produces the perfect culture for a cohesive football club and if they’re winning as well, then what would ever pull a player away?

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