Arsenal Can’t Treat Tomas Rosicky like Nicklas Bendtner

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Tomas Rosicky and Arsene Wenger announced not more than a few weeks ago that the Czech International would be remaining at Arsenal for another year (via ESPNFC). Tomas Rosicky, who came over in 2007, making him the second highest active caps leader on the Arsenal squad, has been an afterthought for the Arsenal squad in the second half of the year, however and that’s making him rightfully rather upset.

He said (via IBT):

"“Since the moment Arsene Wenger ‘used’ the option in my contract, I haven’t even been on the bench. I am laughing but it´s not funny. It´s frustrating but I am a professional. Even if you lose your place, you must still be prepared because the situation can change. I’ll start the summer preparation with Arsenal and that’s the whole of my plan for the time being.”"

It really is upsetting to see a professional like Tomas Rosicky, who has spent so many years at this club and hung around when all his comrades were jumping ship, getting treated with such little regard. He’s referred to as “Little Mozart” for a reason, because no matter where you put him on the pitch, he can orchestrate the game and make a positive impact.

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Rosicky went on to comment about his age, as he is now getting on the elderly side at 34: “It’s not my decline. My health is fine too. Of course I want to play, but there’s not much I can do about it. I’m not in this alone, there are other players in a similar boat. When we do get a chance it’s harder for us to get into our rhythm.”

Tomas Rosicky is an Arsenal man and he deserves the utmost respect from club and fan. His impact on Arsenal’s decade of irrelevance may go under the radar, just like the team did, but he’s Arsenal through and through. I’ll never forget the rocket goal he had against Tottenham at the end of the 2013/14 season. Just in case you forgot, have another look:

This came at a time when Arsenal were constantly getting out of the gates slowly. They were in a face-first plummet after having led the league for so long.

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Even at 34 years of age, Tomas Rosicky is absolutely right, he’s not declining. His pace is still among the best on the squad and his rocket shot may well be the best on the team. Whatever Arsene Wenger’s plans are, I hope he doesn’t plan to let him rot for the rest of his contract like he did with Nicklas Bendtner.

Whereas Bendtner was a frustrating case of never really amounting to the mounds of hype, the situation was still rather unpleasant and he should have been allowed to leave much sooner. Perhaps Wenger was on a power trip, but it was disrespectful to make Bendtner miss out on that many years of his career, no matter what was going on behind the scenes.

Tomas Rosicky absolutely cannot be treated the same way. I can’t overstate how important he’s been for keeping Arsenal afloat through years of 4th place finishes. He deserves to retire at Arsenal while being a part of their dominance up until the moment that soccer is no longer possible for him. It’s impossible not to notice him when he is on the pitch, therefore it only makes sense that he’s at least given some opportunities as a sub.

The wings and the midfield is a crowded mass of talent, but Tomas Rosicky should be right in there among the bodies.

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