5 Reasons Arsenal Should be Excited over Alexandre Lacazette’s Situation

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5. Edinson Cavani

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One scenario that could unfold if the PSG rumors are true is the sale of Edinson Cavani. Cavani has been linked with a move away from PSG since he arrived there from Napoli and since his partnership with Zlatan Ibrahimovic turned out to be not quite as pleasant as everyone had anticipated.

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For those brief couple of years, Cavani has been ‘fuming’ at not being able to play his favored striker role.

If Alexandre Lacazette truly is going to PSG, then that makes Cavani’s climb to striker even tougher. With Ibrahimovic expected to run out his contract and move on, Cavani had a seemingly open door to the striker role come next summer, but not with Lacazette, who is four years younger.

While I still doubt the credibility of Edinson Cavani ever coming to Arsenal, it could re-emerge as an option if Lacazette’s move to Paris is proven legit.

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