5 Reasons Arsenal Should be Excited over Alexandre Lacazette’s Situation

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1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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Now that we’ve covered all the positives that emerge from the rumor not being true, let’s cover another assuming that it is true. Similar to No. 5, if Alexandre Lacazette does indeed make the move to PSG, then that leaves too many strikers in their coffers. One has to be freed.

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If not Edinson Cavani, that leaves Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The clause in this supposed deal that was interesting was that Lacazette would still return to Lyonnais for another year on loan. That fits up pretty well with the schedule that moves Zlatan Ibrahimovic away from Paris come next summer.

Putting two and two together, that gives Arsenal an even more realistic chance of landing the Swedish Behemoth when he’s available for free in one year. It’s still a stretch to imagine Zlatan at Arsenal, but if things keep going right like this, it could become more and more likely.

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